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The Origins:
mIRC4Fun born in 2006. Initially it was not just a site where I wanted the script SITH Team; and I am not much interested in his progress until started to get more scripts and the thing started to become more wide ... count only 30 or 40 visits maximum a day at that point I decided to commit myself more, and fortunately arrived Lucy (NeMeSiS at the time) that I did notice that there were errors in the display with different resolutions, so in 2008 came what is still called the messiah of mIRC4Fun, or kernel (think in those days I did not know even existed tables), and with much patience, I gave several straight until you reach the mIRC4Fun current in 2009 is now in its 4th version.

The Community:
We are a small community, each member brings their own grain of sand in order to enhance the work of all ... who gives moral support (do not forget that it takes), who creates addons, scripts chi, chi wallpapers, who guides and so on in order to make the little mIRC4Fun a site where a visitor says: "These people are nice and good in what I like."

The main purpose is to provide material mIRC as a priority, but having different sections we try to fill them all as much as possible so that the site is beautiful belly and pienotto. In this moment I'm writing lacks 1 mb to complete a gig of material, but with the database of the forum go further. You can also earn something, but do not you think campaign money with the site ... I have just rebuilt (for now) the costs which I supported, and now fortunately the site by the gains we can say if there is autonomous and to invest upgrades to fail (L]e[G and Sgabinetor) to pay with the cash themselves.

The User's Role:
Here Are : use the services we offer, download the material that interested. To reach us quickly, we edited a toolbar for Firefox and IE you find the home to download and also with different services.

It remains to say ... Enjoy your visit and hope that you enjoy the site:)

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