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[Custom Rom]CM7 AC1953 U8160
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Custom Rom
Two notes on this project, for anyone who is interested. In mid of 2011 I started Android to get interested in the world, stimulated by the fact i have available a 8160 for testing. From the first moment i have understand in the community were Two different approaches for modding:

1) Start from the stock ROM Froyo, add / remove components, possibly modify the kernel and change the user interface

GOOD: the ROM certainly has no problems operating
BAD: do not get any added value. The features remain those of the stock ROM, without something like that anyway multitouch is at the kernel level

2) Start with the source code and compile the ROM from scratch, possibly with the use of custom drivers that do not have source.
It is the approach chosen, for example psyke83 (whom I thank for the collaboration) for his excellent ROM based on the sources of the project CyanogenMod.
GOOD: The ROM is customizable in every way BAD: given that the source is open source bugs are not excluded copared to the ROM stock

Since my goal was to learn, the choice was required. I I used the sources of CM7, the excellent kernel psyke83 and started analysis and the actual modding to the source.

This ROM has been designed by me as a work 'in progress', is not my interest release versions of the 'official'. The analytical work on problems someone tells me have no end .... and then there are the NEW implementations, those will not be available on any CM7 until they will release officially its sources, which sometimes are not complete

Despite this some friends asked me to publish my work and I do so willingly. We come then to the characteristics of this ROM that differ from those currently availables.

- Sources CyanogenMod updated + private patches
- Removed bug that prevented the use of the Sygic in CM7
- Manage audio devices configurable reference levels
- Redirect all audio on Bluetooth Headset (configurable)
- An updated audio driver for managing BT Headset
- WiFi Synchronization level at startup (bug CM7)
- Sync Music application with phone calls
- Revision FM radio and its optimization / bug fixing
- Bootanimation 'minimal' that echoes the theme of 'Android' emulator (still customizable by the user final one of many that are in the web)
Some of these patches are already integrated in the ROM of psyke83, with which, in the spirit of Open Source, there are good working relationships, even if he is focused on the kernel and me on the framework

Changelog 26/11/2012:
- New kernel
- Manage NTFS
- 2-way audio management
- Modified seccion 'Device Settings'
- 'ICS' Theme bug fix for a tranparence problem with some apps
Changelog 04/10/2012:
- Security USSD Patch
- Bug removed on contact storage
Changelog 25/09/2012:
- Fix swap setting
- Fix max resolution camera for U8180
Changelog 23/09/2012:
- Removed bug random lock camera service
- Removed bugs for imediate update names and icons contact/SMS
- Automatic switch U8160/U8180
- Added in Device/System the management for cache buffer size on read SD
- Changed default fonts with Roboto (default font ICS)
Changelog 09/09/2012:
-KERNEL - 27/04/2012 psyke83's Version
-Manager for special u8160 parameters in a dedicated app trough Settings
-ICS/Jelly Bean wallpapers added in a dedicated app
-Italian translate fixed (where found errors)
-Deactivated Data connection in first start after a wipe
-Screen on and ringer now start syncronizated when have call
-Filtered audio in ringer for correct distorsion (bug)
-SMS/MMS - Added Search and multiple contacts (like stock)
-CONTACTS - Removed bug that not scaling image when assegnated to a contact
-PHONE - Now you can add to your number an icon, visible in conversations, without create a dedicated contact

Changelog 20120803:
- Cyanogenmod Release Sources Updated
- Kernel/devices updated to last psyke83's release

Changelog 20120628:
- CM 7.2 Release Sources + privates patches
- Settings/Cyanogenmod/sound/ Gain of audio peripherals sinc and working increase in volume
- Change icon color signal strength by signal intensity of GSM/UMTS and WiFi
- Switch audio in bluetooth earphone immediatly

CHANGELOG 20120718 (all functions, unless explicitly stated are present in this ROM ONLY)

- Audio volume reference variable between +/- 6 db in Speaker, headset internal headset (this function is in this ROM ONLY)

- Audio volume variable reference between -3 and +9 dB in bluetooth headset

- Upgrade immediate sound volume when the change the reference value in the CyanogenMod set

- Instant switch on/off the audio redirection in bluetooth headset (see below)

- Description of additional features audio translation also in Italian

- Remove bugs CyanogenMod that lists with sections were drawn wrong (example: list contacts/favorites empty)

- Adding Custom ICS theme 'home made'


- Failure to change color WiFi signal level for phone boot with WiFi active and signal more than 50% of the maximum RSSI. Will be removed in next release

- The Google Quick Search (if downloaded) has a graphic problem when the phone is rotated. Even if the problem is the application with ICS Theme. The analysis is in progress.

A good download to everyone!
There aren't screenshots.


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